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Looking for a new Nissan but dreading the paperwork, uncertainties, and uncomfortable
negotiations that come with financing? We get it. Financing a vehicle can be a daunting
experience, but not with us.

Dream Nissan Lawrence offers tailored in-house financing options to ensure the entire process
is hassle-free.

Forget the usual approach of waiting to find out the monthly cost of a vehicle. Instead, we
prioritize your preferences and budget. You tell us what you want to pay and what fits
comfortably within your budget, and we work to make it happen. It's as simple as that.

Here are the four easy steps to obtain in-house financing at Dream Nissan Lawrence for your
next dream ride:


You know what you already pay for a vehicle and your budget. But with so many high-quality
vehicles on the lot, we also know how easy it is to get lured away by a car well outside your

So, when you arrive at Dream Nissan Lawrence in search of your new car, SUV, or crossover, let
us know your maximum budget. This way, we can help you find a vehicle that meets your needs
and your dreams, but also the needs of your budget.


Unlike banks with limited financing options, our in-house financing team at Dream Nissan
Lawrence has a diverse portfolio of 60+ lenders and loan products. That gives us a significant
advantage, particularly if you're worried about not being approved for a loan.

Our experts will diligently work on your behalf to find the financing option that suits your
specific situation, ensuring you get behind the wheel of your Nissan in no time.

Time is also a crucial factor. Small payments sound fantastic now, but the longer you pay, the
more expensive your loan becomes. We'll help you avoid pitfalls like that and help make sure
your vehicle remains affordable and cost-effective.


Our Unlimited Protection Warranty covers a lot, but you'll need insurance for the rest. We'll
help make sure that you're covered.

We'll provide you with all information you need to set up the insurance for your vehicle with
your existing provider. Then, provide us with your policy information and proof of insurance,
and you're on your way.

Or we can help you look after all that with help from our in-house Allstate insurance agent. We
can make the entire process obstacle and phone-tag free while reducing the time for your loan,
getting you on the road faster.


With your loan, insurance, and all the work out of the way, it's time to slide in behind the wheel
and take a moment to appreciate the purr of the engine. You’ll probably sigh with satisfaction
before you put it in drive and drive off the lot with pride.

Where will your new Nissan take you? Whatever your destination, we're sure you'll love the
journey ahead.

(Remember to share your exciting new adventures with us. We'd love to hear about your

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