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Why Dream Nissan Lawrence

Your Dream Car is here at Dream Nissan Lawrence!

Begin your journey to find the car of your dreams at Dream Nissan Lawrence. Our huge selection of cars ensures that you’ll discover the perfect match for your lifestyle and preferences. At Dream Nissan Lawrence, our focus is on creating a warm and friendly atmosphere, making your car-buying experience as enjoyable as driving your new car. Frustrated with aggressive sales tactics? You won’t find that here. At Dream Nissan Lawrence, we’ve eliminated the stress associated with pushy salespeople, providing you with a seamless and relaxed buying process.

Ready to bring your dream to life? Visit us today at Dream Nissan Lawrence and let the adventure unfold! With us, you’ll experience a personalized touch and a host of benefits, ensuring your car-buying journey is both memorable and satisfying.


Every new car includes our Unlimited Protection Warranty. Our warranty is notable for its remarkable convenience and the assurance it brings. Unlike typical warranties, ours goes beyond the manufacturer’s coverage, providing protection for the entire duration of your ownership of the Nissan. At Dream Nissan Lawrence, our pledge is to keep your Nissan on the road for a lifetime! Explore the true value of our Unlimited Protection Warranty.

With established partnerships with over 60+ lenders, we are dedicated to tailoring the optimal financing package that suits your unique preferences. Our commitment is to provide you with a seamless and personalized financing journey, ensuring you not only get the car of your dreams but also secure the best financial arrangement. Explore the possibilities at Dream Nissan Lawrence, where your ideal car and financing solution converge for an unparalleled automotive experience.

At Dream Nissan Lawrence, say goodbye to the paperwork headache and the long waits to secure your dream car. Our team ensures a seamless buying process, offering top-notch service from the moment you step in. They assist you in choosing your ideal car and swiftly guide you to our in-house financing team, where you won’t experience prolonged waits to select a financing plan tailored to your needs. Don’t have insurance? No worries! Our in-house AllState agent has everything covered, understanding exactly what you require. With us, you’ll be driving away in your dream car in no time!

Platinum Protection guarantees unmatched coverage for your peace of mind. Offering unlimited miles, unlimited years, and unlimited claims, we have your extensive protection requirements taken care of. Drive with assurance, as Dream Nissan Lawrence’s Platinum Protection stands as your steadfast companion through every curve and stretch of the road.